Deborah was born and raised in South Africa, so has a great interest in her country of birth and the continent of Africa as a whole.

She emigrated to Canada in 1980 and then made her way to the USA by the end of 1983, and has been here ever since.   California seemed like a logical place to settle as it's so very much like South Africa.   A keen gardener, Deborah has created her garden as a magical paradise over the last 16 years.  Other hobbies include stamp collecting, reading and anything metaphysical!

Since creating the Mopane Foundation with her late husband Steve, Deborah has expanded her ideas and connections around the world, to assist her once the foundation is fully operational and funded.   There are so many sectors of the world population, including the animal kingdom, that need urgent assistance.    So many disaster zones where help is needed.   

The Mopane Foundation hopes to be everywhere, all the time, to relieve the suffering that so many endure today.

Come share our Vision with Us  -  We Are All One, and Love knows no boundaries!