OPE Projects:

* Aids/Malaria in Africa

* Food shelters

* Orphanages

* Homeless & Abused Women & Children

* Schools

* Hospice & Elderly Care

Operation: Planet Earth was created to help heal the Planet.  After eons of mistreatment, it's now up to us to clean up our mess and return Mother Earth to her former glory.   Our main Vision is to assist in the many arenas within our society that have fallen through the cracks.   Millions are suffering on a daily basis because of this.  Millions are dying annually in Africa and other parts of the world because of lack of food and medical assistance.   We intend to change a lot of that.

With your help, and the help of folks all around the world, Operation: Planet Earth will provide funds in all the areas listed under projects above.   Anything to do with bettering the lives of people throughout the world, to lift their standard of living to that of everyone else.   To feed the hungry, clothe the needy, shelter the homeless, educate the children and beautify the Planet.  No one need ever suffer again.

So this is an Invitation to join our World Family and start making a difference together.   With the huge disasters worldwide in recent years, we now realize just how fragile and precious life is.   There's a sense of urgency now as we fast approach Ascension of both ourselves and the Planet.   Let's start reaching out to everyone we can touch, to make whatever difference we can.   It's time to Open our Hearts Forever!